WordPress Critical Update

We encourage all of our clients who uses the popular web-based blogging tool WordPress to update the soonest. This is in relation to the discovery of a security flaw in versions 4.2.2 and earlier. More detail on the the official wordpress website:https://wordpress.org/news/2015/07/wordpress-4-2-3/ Users on the said versions allow cross-site ... Read More »

24th Jul 2015
Access cPanel Functions Inside your Client Manager

You can now access your cPanel from within your Client Area. This is especially useful for users who is behind a firewall that blocks common cPanel ports.To try and see these new features, simply follow the steps below: Login to your Client Area https://manager.mswebnetwork.net Mouse Over on Services Click My Services Once the page is loaded ... Read More »

4th Feb 2015
Reminder to perform regular backup

Backup is an essential part in maintaining a website. We wouldnt want to learn the value of backup only in data loss situations. That is why it is important that you backup your files on a regular basis. Performing backup can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on how frequent your updates are. It is also ideal to perform a ... Read More »

14th Jan 2015
Holiday Notice

Dear Valued Clients,Please note that our office will be closed December 24, 25 and 31, 2014 and on January 01, 2015 due to Christmas and New Year's holidays.You may submit your inquiry, billing and other related issues through our support ticketing system and we will respond to you as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience this may ... Read More »

26th Dec 2014
Holiday Announcement

Dear valued clients,This coming season of lent, we would like to inform you that our office will be closed from the afternoon of Wednesday, April 16 2014 and we shall resume operation on Monday, 21st April 2014. If you have any pending invoice that would due within the holiday period, we encourage you to settle your accounts tomorrow, April 16, ... Read More »

15th Apr 2014
Heartbleed Bug Announcement

Dear Valued Client, You may already heard about the Heartbleed bug that has been a hot topic in the news today. The bug involves a serious vulnerability in OpenSSL protocol was discovered and nicknamed Heartbleed. We would like to assure you that all our servers has been patched and we have no security breach reported.The Heartbleed Bug ... Read More »

11th Apr 2014
Holiday Announcement

Dear Valued Clients,In the observance of People Power Anniversary, MSWEB Network will be temporarily closed for business on Tuesday, February 25, 2014. Normal operation will resume on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 7:00 am to 4:00 pm.For your technical concerns, please send email to support@mswebnetwork.net. However, billing and sales concerns ... Read More »

24th Feb 2014
Holiday Announcement

Dear Valued Clients,Kung Hei Fat Choi!        As we celebrate Chinese New Year! Please be inform that VIZTURE SOLUTIONS CO we will be temporarily closed for business tomorrow, Friday, January 31,2014. Normal operation will resume on Monday, February 3, 2014 at 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. If you have technical concerns, ... Read More »

30th Jan 2014
Blog Announcement: Tip on how to totally Clean your hacked WordPress

Tip on how to totally Clean your hacked WordPress The internet is rife with countless possibilities, Hackers could use your system a staging-off point to carry out attacks to other computers. Causing your readers to be exposed to virus and trojan attacks, you may lose valuable data, confidential files and personal records. If this ... Read More »

26th Jul 2012
Holiday Greetings

It is that time of the year when people start pausing to work and begin rushing to the malls. It is that time of the year when work becomes an option and having fun becomes a necessity. It is that time of the year when people create a list of gifts to wrap and do away with reports to submit. Yes it’s that time of the year again and we at ... Read More »

21st Dec 2010