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Blocked IP can be a result of attempting to access cPanel, eMail, FTP and similar services with wrong passwords repeatedly. After these such attempts, you will be denied accessing the server. You can validate this by trying to access your website but will result in a "this webpage is not available" error or you cannot connect to your email server.

To know if you are really blocked, we encourage you to visit http://pingmedown.com/ a free service from Vizture Solutions to learn if the website is down or just your connection.

Once you have validated that you are indeed blocked. You may remove your IP from the firewall blocklist by going to your Account Manager (https://manager.mswebnetwork.net) and following the steps below:
  1. Click on Services then click on My Services,
  2. Click on the Active or Configure icon (if applicable), otherwise simply click on the domain you wish to unblock,
  3. On the right side "Action" menu, click on Manage Firewall,
  4. On the Manage Firewall menu, click on Unblock IP and you will see the options if you are blocked or not and you and remove the IP from the firewall.
That's it! You should be able to view your website or check your email again!

Note: This proceedure is applicable to shared hosting plans (silver, gold, platinum and unlimited) only.

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