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First of all we would like to thank you for choosing MSWEB as your preferred web hosting provider and we welcome you to our growing family.

Being a preferred client, we normally deliver all domains with hosting package, configured and ready to go. You may verify if your domain is pointed properly to the correct DNS by typing the domain in your browser (given that it has already propagated) it should display our under construction page.

To start uploading your website via FTP, you may use the following procedure:

1. via FTP (using Filezilla)

Setup your site in Filezilla


In the field type in:

  • host: (replace it with your own domain)
  • username: your main cPanel user here
  • password: your main cPanel user password here
  • Port: 21

Click Quickconnect button


Your Filezilla should display


In your remote window should display your directory structure. Take note of public_html as this is where all your public files such as website, html, php, etc should be located.


Double click the public_html folder and you can start uploading all your html files to this folder. Take note that index.html is your default index file. Uploading displays your files in real time.


2. Building your website using WordPress.

We made it even easier for you to take advantage of WordPress (and other popular CMS) by using Installatron. Installatron is a automated script installer available in all our shared hosting plans.

To setup WordPress, login to your cPanel and find the Installatron icon and click


From here find the WordPress icon and click


Click on Install this application button and fill up as needed.


The forms are pretty much self explanatory. If you need help on this, you may also email

After filling up the form, simply click on the install button and your complete!


View your application by typing in your browser your domain name.

If in any case you find your self in trouble. Feel free to email us by loggin into your Client Area and filing a ticket or email us via We are always here to help.


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