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cPanel offer a simple and easy method for managing MySQL databases. MySQL databases store large amounts of information over the web easily and are necessary to run many web-based applications such wordpress, joomla, drupal and most popular forum and online retail shops.

How to create a MySQL database:
  1. Login to cPanel,
  2. Click on MySQL Databases under the database group,
  3. Type the name of the database in the new database field,
  4. Click on Create Database,
  5. Click on Go Back to return to the previous page and your new database will appear in the Current Database table.
How to delete a MySQL database:
  1. Go to the Current Database section of the MySQL Databases,
  2. Click Delete Database in the action column of the table next to the database you wish to delete.
How to create or delete a database user
Creating a database is only the first part, you will need to create a user and assign permissions or privilages to make it function. A good thing to note is that, MySQL user accounts should be created separately from mail and web admin accounts.

How to create a database user:
  1. Once logged in cPanel, click on MySQL databases,
  2. Click to MySQL users in the top right corner of the page,
  3. Enter a username in the under Add New User form. Make sure that the username is 7 characters or shorter,
  4. Enter a password in the password field (or you can use a strong password via the password generator) and retype the password again in the retype field,
  5. Click on Create User.
Deleting a database user:
  1. Still inside MySQL Databases page, go to the Current User group,
  2. Click the x button next to the user you wish to delete found in the delete column.
How to define a user's privilages.

Privileges are determine how a user is able to connect or function with the database. A good example is that, without any privilage the user cannot add nor delete information in the database.

How to assign privileges to database user:
  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. Click on MySQL databases under databases,
  3. Select a users from the user drop down menu under Add User to the database,
  4. Select the database to which you wish to add user access from the database drop down menu,
  5. Click Add.
  6. Select the privilage you wish to assign to the user or select ALL PRIVILAGES from the MySQL Account Maintenance Screen.
  7. Click on the Make Changes.
How to remove a user from a database:
  1. Go to the current database section of MySQL Databases,
  2. Find the database you wish to modify,
  3. Within the user column for that database, click the x button next to the user you wish to delete.
You can also view the MySQL video tutorial by cPanel, by clicking the link below:

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