How to login to cPanel

This tutorial assumes you already opened your browser and entered your cPanel login URL.

NOTE: To learn about your cPanel URL, please refer to your welcome email (New Web Hosting Account Information.) as this contains your URL, user name and password as well as other important information. Also remember that if you have a newly registered domain, it may propagate for a few hours before you can access it on your end. If that is the case, simply use the server's IP address provided in the welcome email as well.

1. Type in your browser the url provided in your New Web Hosting Account Information.

Then if you are connected to the internet you will see the following page:

Login to cPanel

Simply enter your user name and password provided in your New Web Hosting Account Information and you will be greeted to your cPanel dashboard as illustrated below:


That's it! Please be sure to checkout our other cPanel tutorials in our knowledgebase which can be found here: 

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