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An FTP or File Transfer Protocol account is used for managing and uploading files for your website. Your cPanel acts as the default or main FTP account so you do not need to create one, unless you want to assign multiple FTP accounts to your users without giving your cPanel access.

How to create an FTP account:
  1. Login to your cPanel,
  2. Click FTP Accounts in the Files section group,
  3. Type the name of the FTP user in the Login field provided. Take note that cPanel alwasy adds to the full FTP username.
  4. Add your own password to authenticate this FTP account. Note: always use a strong password combination.
  5. Set a quota or the maximum amount of bandwidth allowed for this FTP account. If set to unlimited, this FTP user will have the ability to use the total bandwidth for the main cPanel account.
  6. cPanel will automatically populate the assumed directory base on the FTP username you assigned but you should change this to public_html/ or provide the correct directory you want the user to access. Note that if you erase everything in the directory field and just leave "/", the user will have access to your home directory or any directory outside your public_html. FTP users without contained in a directory will not be able to access directories above it's permitted directory.
  7. Click Create to add the user. 
You can also view the FTP video tutorial by cPanel, by clicking the link below:

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